Why should I seek pension advice?

Having a great pension is vital for enjoying the fruits of your labor during retirement. Everyone has different dreams of what they would like to do in retirement but the key to having the best retirement possible is seeking the best pension advice possible.

So, by seeking advice we will consider all your options and put you a pension that is better suited to achieving your retirement goals.

Old style pensions
Most older-style pensions out there are simply underperforming and cost you far too much money to operate. The pension market is constantly evolving, so it is important to keep up-to-date and make improvements to your pension provisions. If they can find you a more cost-effective pension with even a small reduction in the charges you pay over a long period of time can make a significant difference; this is the power of compound interest.

Furthermore, older style pension investment funds, such as ‘With Profits Investments’ has reduced the number of regular bonus rates they payout, leading to many of these pensions growing at less than the inflation rate. The main aim of receiving pension advice is to help you achieve the largest amount of pension savings possible.

How we can help
We will take a detailed look into the current pension, to check if you are being overcharged and how well your investment funds are performing. Then we will look across the market to see if they can increase your benefits at retirement by switching to a more competitively charged pension or better performing fund. Our advisers have wealth of experience in finding the right pension for you.

Pensions are governed by a unique set of rules, which are also constantly changing. With such a variety of funds on the market and new investment decisions to make, it is important to discuss your options with a pension adviser.

We will make any recommendations and explain everything in simple and easy to understand terms and if you’re happy we will take care of everything to move it over to the new pension provider.

A pension adviser will come up with a personal recommendation based on your circumstances. If you would like some free pension guidance you can visit the government ran Pension Wise.