Pension Advice
Made Affordable.

We believe in transparency upfront.
We only take a fee if you take our advice.

The way we operate allows you to benefit by not being charged over the odds for pension advice. Our recommendation will always be to improve your pension and we will clearly show and explain our costs upfront.

The information talked about on this page and subsequent pages are is only applicable for defined contribution advice given by us. In the case of defined benefit advice please contact us for further details

How much does it cost?

Re-assessing your retirement plans.

A healthy pension is actively managed and reviewed, our goal is to make sure your investment is working as hard as you do.

We have no hidden costs and everything is agreed on upfront when reviewing your defined contribution pensions, we charge a one-off fee only when accepting our advice and moving your pension.

Actively managing your pension.

Ongoing Service Fees – These vary from firm to firm but at The Review Business, we like to keep it at a low cost of 0.6% for pension advice, and 0.75% for those looking to drawdown funds.

Keeping you up to date with your pension and making sure you reach your retirement goals.

How it works

We’ll guide you through these 3 easy steps

Like yourself, every pension is unique. Our team of experts have a wealth of experience and knowledge, our advice will get you the retirement you and your family deserve. You don’t need to be a savvy investor or a high net worth individual, every penny counts, and a healthy pension is one that’s regularly reviewed and improved.

Chat about your pension
Let’s have a quick chat

The first step is understanding your situation, to get things moving start by filling out the form below. We will call you and from there will be able to help optimise your pension to correctly suit your needs.

Pension Review
Reviewing your pension(s)

Our experts will gather all the facts from your existing pensions. Allowing you to see how your investment compares to alternatives, these may be better suited to your needs and give greater returns.

Happy pension
It’s time to sit back and relax

Armed with all the facts about you and your pension we’ll make a recommendation on how you can improve your pension. If there is nothing to improve our expert advisers will let you know either way. If you chose to take our advice, we’ll organise everything for you.

Getting started

Talk directly to one of our experts

Fill in the form below for a free no-obligation review, you only pay a fee if you decide to move your defined contribution pension and improve your investment. Let’s work together to improve your retirement.


What our customers say

I contacted The Review Business, not knowing how to approach retirement, but they were fantastic, explaining my options and how I could get the most out of my pension. They brought together my two pensions and helped me take the 25% tax free cash, set up an annuity and with my medical condition they helped give me a better income than my previous provider could.

Colin, Nottinghamshire

Dealing with The Review Business was very helpful, they helped me understand my existing pensions they gathered the information from my providers and explained the benefits of a new plan in simple English. I’m very happy with the advice I was given

Paul, Norfolk

– The Review Business were very helpful and knowledgeable with my pension consolidation, it is so much easier to manage having everything in one place.

Keith, Lincoln