Looking for income

Many people when they retire use their pension pot to buy an annuity to provide them with an income for the rest of their life. In most cases this is a one-off and irreversible decision, so choosing the right type of annuity and getting the best deal are of paramount importance.

Did you know you don’t have to buy your retirement income from your pension provider? You can shop around for a better deal. This is known as the ‘Open Market Option’.

  • Get the right deal for you – make sure you use your ‘Open Market Option’ which could add thousands of pounds to your retirement income
  • Remember – it’s your pension and you have a right to ‘shop around’

It’s not just about getting the best annuity rate.

Not all annuities are the same, and there are alternative ways of providing a retirement income that you may want to consider. You should:

  • Explore all available options
  • Ensure your individual needs are catered for
  • Ensure you choose the retirement options that are right for you

Speak to our qualified experts who can advise and help you make all the right choices